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Friday, February 6, 2015

Electronics project (Industrial process) by Raidentaylor Tube

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Legend of the LCD: C: Cylinder; T1: First convoyer; I: Inductive Sensor; T2: Second convoyer; T: temperature; S: Dry Process (0: disabled, 1: enabled); L: Cleaning Process (0: disabled, 1: enabled). The inductive and capacitive sensors are simulated by cables. Description of operation: Project developed in the course Automation, Robotics and Industrial Control. This circuit controls an industrial process, whose operation is as follows: When it detects a piece triggers the first conveyor. Then have an inductive sensor, and if triggers, the piece moves to a second conveyor pushed by a cylinder. If not continues to container. The piece to enter the second conveyor, goes to a greenhouse. In the greenhouse is controlled temperature, if the temperature was below 22 ° C, heating and stop the second conveyor, if is above, continues. If temperature are above 31 ° C, active cooling (cooler fan). The following process it is the cooling of the piece, passing through a tank. This piece is inserted into the tank if it have a pre-determined level of water, if not, the convoyer stops. Finally, the part is transported to a cleaning process. This process comes from the activation of solenoid valves with compressed air. The breadboard with the LCD, it is a circuit with microcontroller, PIC 16F690, which monitors the whole process.


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