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Friday, February 6, 2015

WCTV TV Making Sense of Florida’s Potentially Pending Marijuana Industry by Russ Handler

Visit site:WCTV TV Making Sense of Florida’s Potentially Pending Marijuana Industry

Making Sense of Florida’s Potentially Pending Marijuana Industry Expert Explains Why a Wall Street Business Model is Needed to Protect the State, Economy and Residents As a July Quinnipiac poll shows Florida residents favor medical marijuana use by a margin of 9-to-1, it is very likely that the November referendum could hold. If so, Florida would become America's second biggest medical marijuana state, with an estimated 400,000 patients spending an average of $3,000 a year. And the race is on, as would-be entrepreneurs anxious for a piece of Florida’s "Cannabusiness” are filing for business licenses under names like Medical Marijuana Business Lawyers and the Cannabis Law Group. As Florida’s emerging Marijuana industry soon begins to navigate through uncharted waters in, what could be the states biggest business experiment of the 21st century. What is the best way to insure a legal, fair and accountable business model for the yet to be tested industry? Enter Florida based Wall Street Commodities expert Steve Janjic, CEO of Amercanex, the first fully electronic marketplace exchange for the cannabis industry. He says the solution is a Wall Street like model to allow the industry to participate in exchanges to buy, sell, or trade inventories in a fully disclosed and transparent marketplace, while strictly adhering to the taxation and the regulatory and reporting requirements. He explains how such a model would help Florida avoid the recently announced taxation short-fall in Colorado and protect the state’s economy and residents from potential ill-effects? • Why such exchanges ensure regulatory and tax agency accountability and reporting. • Why such exchanges help cultivators, distributors and retailers stay connected to market trends, insuring a fair and open industry, and discouraging black-market enterprise. • Why such centralized exchanges force the industry to self regulate. • Why such exchanges ensure fair and orderly industry, efficient dissemination of pricing, market trends, and much more. About Steve Janjic Steve Janjic is CEO of Amercanex, The ACE Marketplace (American Cannabis Exchange) which offers cutting edge infrastructure, tools, technology and a real world Cannabis trading experience. ACE provides licensed cannabis industry cultivators, wholesalers and retailers with a completely transparent, a fully electronic, neutral and non-manipulated marketplace to buy sell and trade, while strictly adhering to the taxation, and the regulatory and reporting requirements of local and regional agencies. http://ift.tt/1mT5tri By taking the tools utilized on Wall Street, and applying them to the Cannabis industry, the ACE Marketplace gives users efficient dissemination of prices, supply and demand, market trends and insures orderly transactions. Steve is also the Global Head of eFX Sales and Distribution at Tullett Prebon, focusing e-Commerce and Prime Brokerage Sales/Distribution. Prior to that he was the Global Head of eFX/IRS Sales and Distribution at Christopher Street Capital (GFI Securities Group). Previously he was with Morgan Stanley’s FX team performing in a similar role. Steve Janjic’s Experience includes successfully managing trading e-commerce trading room technology, with most recent emphasis on low-latency e-trading technology, executable streaming prices, request-for-quote, execution algorithms, price aggregation, and white-label solutions and pricing retail e-platforms. Steve attended the University of South Carolina studying Finance as well as St. Mary’s Medical College where he obtained his M.D. degree.


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